Grey days

We've had an amazingly clear few days. No clouds, no rain, plenty of stars and stunning sunsets.
Frost is on the grass in the morning, and noses, ears and fingers feel the chill.
This is the kind of winter I love, where the air is crisp and you need a coat, and the colours are a little dimmer than summer. 

I'm trying my best to avoid Auckland's winter uniform of black, but I've found that with the more bright yellows and blues I wear, it can be quite hard to accessorise without looking a tad clashing.
And clashing is great, but there's a fine line in the workplace.

So this semi-circle shawl is going to be the solution to all my problems. I say that about every knit, but this time I really mean it. 

The pattern is something I'm improvising from other semi-circle patterns I've read, but the yarn is the most exciting part. 

I'm using Dark Harbour Yarn's Port merino Mare Vaporium Gradient - a kit of six fingering weight skeins, with each skein slightly darker than the one before. Every colour change adds this different dimension - it's like a storm of dark clouds slowly rolling in. It's beautiful to knit with and I'd really recommend checking out more of Dark Harbour's indie dyes. 

I'm about half way through and I'll just keep going until I run out of yarn. Can't wait to get this one finished, hopefully in time to wear in this cold patch.


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