I'm still trying to learn this valuable knitting lesson

My Chuck, version two!

You know that feeling when you find the perfect project for that special yarn? The pattern you've been searching for for ages, because this yarn is just too good to use on just any old pattern. And you find it, and you grab your needles and you cast on and just keep knitting until it's almost finished, ignoring chores, husband, sneaking stitches at your desk at work when you get a few moments.

I was having a great moment with Chuck. I finished the entire body in a week. A week! I'm a slow knitter, so a full body of a jumper in a week is quite an achievement( yes, I do realise it's a cropped pattern in worsted weight yarn, but still!).

So you can imagine my devastation when I put the last of the live stitches onto scrap yarn, just to try it on quickly before binding off, that it was too small. All that knitting. All that awesome cable. All too small because I didn't take 15 minutes at the beginning to knit a silly swatch. My gauge was way out. Instead of nine stitches per two inches, I had 12. The length wasn't right either, with the end of the jumper sitting at my belly button instead of the top of my hips. No amount of serious blocking would have fixed it.

Out came the yarn winder, and in a minute or two the entire thing was unravelled. I figured there was no point carrying on and knitting sleeves on something that wouldn't fit me. It just wouldn't get worn. This yarn is too good to hide in shame at the bottom of a drawer. I went up a needle size and my gauge is now much better. I'm about half way through the body again, and hope to get that done in the next couple of days. It's a bit frustrating, but I only have myself and my haste to blame. I've got to stop getting so excited and just sit down and do some swatching. Spending 20 minutes on that is way better than spending a whole week knitting something that won't fit! I'm slowly learning my lesson!


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