Extra Curricular and an inspirational interview

The thing I love most about Extra Curricular magazine how I get to talk to some incredibly creative and inspirational people. This latest issue is no different, and it's probably been my favourite issue to work on. The issue's theme was around mess, and the tendency for creative people to live in a bit of organised chaos. I am no different, but my habits and behaviours are something I am beginning to pay more and more attention to, and this includes the way I craft and use materials. 

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I was reading a very interesting book called Stuffocation. I'm really starting to challenge my relationship with my stuff, doing my best to buy local and handmade, and donating stacks of no-longer-needed things to charity. But my relationship with my craft supplies need more attention, and having a very long chat with Felicia Semple of The Craft Sessions really opened my eyes to the reality of my consuming. Felicia set herself a personal challenge to be more conscious of her stash and her making, and instead of constantly looking for new materials, fabrics, yarn, she is making sure she uses things she's already stashed. 

I've said before that I tend to knit whatever I want without thinking whether the final product will fit with the rest of my wardrobe, or I go out and buy yarn and get home to realise I'll never use it because it's the wrong colour or weight. So after a very inspirational chat from Felicia, I've decided change is needed. I have enough sock yarn to keep me happy for quite a while, yarn for two jumpers that I'll actually wear, and definitely something in there I can turn into a new winter hat. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying more stuff when I got to Knit August Nights in August, but I hope those purchases will be considered. 

Felicia has really inspired me to make some of these changes - chatting with her was just what I needed to get an extra push in the right direction. I recommend reading her great blog and the feature I've written in Extra Curricular - grab your copy here!


  1. It was a great interview - I really enjoyed this issue too. Good luck with your thoughtful purchasing and see you at KAN!


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