The Revolution continues

My scarf will be finished in time for Fashion Revolution Day!
Thanks Sarah Sew Love for the photo!

Tomorrow is the second Fashion Revolution Day, marking the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza catastrophe in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

It's a day that people are encouraged to ask the big questions of the brands they wear, and find out who made our clothes. Too many lives are lost for fast fashion, too many garments are produced in terrible working conditions, and the toll on the environment is immense. 

Over the last two years I've done my best to make more of an effort to find out where the contents of my wardrobe come from. I'm grateful that New Zealand has amazing local designers, and buying cool NZ-made clothes is getting easier. As a vintage lover, I'm happy that I'm preventing more clothes going to landfill. When I'm buying new clothes that aren't locally made, I'm trying my best to buy handmade or ethically produced. 

And then there's the making! As a knitter and a beginner sewer, I really love wearing things that I've made myself that no-one else has. Fashion should be about expressing your individuality, not following trends, and I've found making one of the best ways to express that. So tomorrow I will be proudly wearing something I've made myself, as well as trying to find out more about where some of my other stuff is produced.

I really hope Fashion Revolution Days also inspires people to consider the impact of the fashion industry every time they purchase something, and look for alternatives, such as vintage, handmade and ethically or locally produced. Ask questions of the brands that make your favourite things, ask them to ensure good conditions for the hard working makers in their supply chains and ask them to produce their garments more sustainably.

Don't forget to ask tomorrow, #whomademyclothes?


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