On dealing with the mess

For the last year or so, I've been making a pretty big effort to be more considered in my approach to buying clothes. Every time I get something new, two things have to be removed from the wardrobe - either sold on or donated to charity. It's made me really pay attention to what I wear often, how versatile an item is or if it just hangs in the wardrobe for months on end without being used at all.

But recently, just doing this kind of treatment to the wardrobe has not been quite enough. I have books on my book shelf that haven't been opened in years. Pieces of furniture crammed in our living space just because we have it, not because it is needed. I'm starting to notice more and more of the stuff around our house, and realise how much of it I hardly ever use. 

So I'm going to donate more stuff. I've pulled about 50 books off the bookshelf that I will not notice once they are gone. I've pulled out another bag of clothes to sell. I'm eyeing up some of my tea cups that I've collected over the years that are just gathering dust. Those might need new homes too.

Then there's the stash. I have a fair amount of yarn that I know I will never use. It's not my colour or a weight I'd ever knit with. It's taking up plenty of space in drawers, and it is not being enjoyed. So that will be the next area I focus on. 

All of this has been inspired by a recent amazing conversation with a craft blogger who has some great insights around stashing - more on that in a later post - and a book I've been working my way though all weekend, Stuffocation by James Wallman. The premise of the book is about how having stuff doesn't make us happy, but making us feel more stressed, anxious and unhealthy. It challenges you to live more with less, investing more in experiences than in things.  I'm really enjoying it so far and I'm liking how it's helping me focus on what stuff I have that really isn't serving me well. 

It wasn't all reading on the weekend. My very simple scarf progressed a bit more. I realised not long after starting this project that the three skeins I began with just wouldn't be enough. Last week I ordered the last skein I needed, another Vanitas DK by Outlaw Yarn in Vanity. I'm really happy with how it's turning out. And given the very sudden temperature drop around here over the last day or so, I'm definitely needing to finish this soon!


  1. I love getting rid of things I don't need/use, its an activity I greatly enjoy, although I know not all people feel that way. Destashing the stash is something I find a little trickier... and my get rid of pile is never very big!


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