The crisp cold.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I had a fab weekend! There was no knitting involved - I decided to take a few days off knitting after finishing Amelie - but there was knitwear.

A couple of amazing things happened. Two very special friends got married in Queenstown.
Beyond exciting. There is nothing more fun than a weekend away for a wedding - even better if it's in one of the most magical places on earth! A happy coincidence was that my parents were also in the most magical place on earth celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary! So much love all around.

And the highlight for me - the cold happened. That crisp, fresh air that fills your lungs. The kind where you might want a cardigan or to wear socks between your feet and your shoes. There was  tiny bit of fresh snow on the mountains. 

Of course, I was prepared. Little scarves waiting since last winter to be worn.
Several pairs of knitted socks. And it took me literally 30 seconds to dive into a yarn shop as soon as we got there. 

There's something about the cool weather that leaves me feeling completely refreshed.
Auckland has been so hot and humid that it's left me a bit uninspired and less motivated than usual. But now I feel much more myself, and even though I'm back in the warm, if I breathe deeply enough I can feel a little bit of the cold still. I'm ready to get knitting again.


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