Simple Saturdays

Today I'm making a conscious effort to have an easy Saturday. 
So many of the weekends lately have been taken up with out-of-town trips, social occasions and the day job, that I've decided to make no plans for the next day or so. 

Unusually for me, I got up early and went to an outdoor yoga class. Probably the best start to a Saturday I've had in ages. I rode my bike there, spent and hour on the mat and felt beyond refreshed.
Then I came home and made breakfast. This is also unusual for me - normally I'm straight to the cafe for brunch. I'll admit, I did end up going to the cafe after breakfast for a coffee, but it was unplanned and was a very good idea.

The rest of the day will be spent knitting. A simple knit no less, the kind of project required for taking it easy. I'm knitting a new scarf just in time for the autumn, in garter stitch but knitted on the bias to add a bit of interest. I'm making it up as I go, but hope to write up some instructions once I'm finished.

I'm using Outlaw Yarn's Vanitas DK in Knowledge and Wealth. This is amazing stuff to knit with - just right for a little bit of luxury. It's an alpaca and merino blend with a bit of drape.

I've decided that garter stitch is the most under-rated stitch ever. I just love it. As much as I love cables and stocking stitch, sometimes the way to let a yarn shine is to avoid fussy stitch patterns. 
Garter stitch makes me think of warmth and keeping cosy when I'm out in the elements. There's something really rustic about it, something homely, made for keeping warm.
And as autumn slowly comes, keeping warm is the goal.


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