Colour change

I've noticed a pretty substantial change in the colours I've been knitting with lately.

A few years ago, the colours I would wear were very predictable. Red, white, blue, black.
The reds were usually bright, the blues more royal and navy than baby.

More recently, yellows and greys are more prominent, though the blue, white and black have stayed as a consistent base.

When I first started knitting, I stuck to my favourite colours. But I've definitely notices more recently that there has been an evolution in the colours I'm buying. A couple of years ago I really got into my purples and greens. These are colours I still don't consider very 'me' but I love my purple beanie very much. The blues in the stash are very bright rather than navy. There's a heap of yellow and a fair amount of teal. The one thing they have in common is that they are all bright or jewel tones. And this is where things have gone a bit strange for me.

I started knitting a scarf a few weeks ago with my Vanitas DK. I started with Knowledge, the royal blue skein. Out of the three colours so far, this one is the most 'me' in the whole scarf.
Then there's Wealth. Some have called it a pale gold, others say it's more of a camel, but either way, it's never a colour I would've previously considered knitting. I would've said it wasn't rich enough for me.
And then comes the Mahogany - the latest colour change. It's not necessarily a red, or a brown. Like the previous skein, it seems to change. The colour is definitely not as definable to me as other reds I usually use. 

And I'm really liking it. I'm liking that I'm starting to appreciate colours I wouldn't normally be drawn to. I don't know why my perception is changing, but I'm definitely excited about the possibilities for my expanding colour palette, and the creativity this can bring to future knitting projects. 

I think I will have to introduce a grey as the next scarf colour though - it still needs to be a little bit me!


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