Progress and plans

It's been a bit quiet around here this week, but take that as a good sign! I've made some serious progress on my Amelie dress!

We took a road trip this weekend up north to Whangarei Heads for a wedding. Deciding to make the most of a weekend away, we took Friday off work and rented a bach. Aside from wedding celebrations, all I did for almost three days was yoga, beaching, board games and knitting.

I mean check out this view - the best place to do very little!

Hear this people - I knitted 20cm of the last piece of the dress! I think I have a good chance of getting it ready for making-up this week. 

We got back into Auckland this afternoon and I found a sweet surprise in the letterbox, two new patterns from Dresses and Me. I really want to extend my sewing this year. And now after one bach weekend and the intention to have many more away this year, I've decided I need to make much nicer travel bags. I have a couple of sports bags that do the job, but in my quest for a more sustainable wardrobe, I see no issue with extending that to accessories too. 

Grainline Studio's Portside Travel Set is going to be my first sewing project of the year - I'm thinking of recycling an old wool blanket.

If that's successful, I'm going to totally over-extend myself and try to make a shirt. 
I find it really hard to find shirts I like. I own one that I love, and the rest have been given away as part of my buy one, get rid of two wardrobe items challenge. I work in an environment where more shirts would be handy in winter, but I find it so hard to find shapes I like that I'm determined to make one.

I've heard there are a lot of steps involved to making a shirt, so I'm expecting the first one to have a fair few imperfections. The second one though, that'll be much better. I've picked Sewaholic Patterns' Granville Shirt because it has a nice slim fit and classic styling. 

Now to knit some more of this dress - I've got renewed enthusiasm for this project!


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