Libraries - an inspirational knitting space

I've been struggling a bit with projects that just don't seem to end. I don't often have that much to say or update because I haven't completed anything or the moss stitch is never ending. I'm doing my very best to not start anything big until Amelie is finished, and it's been tough. So instead of staring at my yarn stash while sitting on my hands to resist casting a new project on, I'm hiding at the library and staring at knitting books instead. 

I think we are extremely lucky to have such an amazing crafty resource at Auckland Libraries. I always find something to browse through and I definitely credit its collection with helping me reduce the amount of books I buy. 

If I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choice, I always get drawn to the vintage style books. As a lover of vintage style, these always give me great inspiration and ideas for new projects, when I'm allowed to cast some on. In saying that,  I am always on the lookout for new books to browse through. Do you have any favourite knitting books you can recommend? 


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