This dress. What a vintage find.

When we got back from Melbourne I caught up with a lovely friend who works in an amazing second hand shop (pretty much the dream, right?). Her mum's next-door neighbour was moving into a rest home, and the lady's daughters were taking the time to clean out what can only be an amazing vintage wardrobe. There were two fur stoles and matching hats - not really my thing but this told us that this lady must have been quite the dresser back in the day!

Lots of clothes were given to my friend to sell on in the shop, but there were a couple of dresses that she's kindly given to me, and oh my goodness, this might be the most perfect dress in existence. 

I'm calling her Audrey. She has a metal zipper down the centre back, so I'm dating it as late 50s or early 60s. Boat neck with a low back and a full pleated skirt that would look great with a tulle petticoat. 

She was made in New Zealand under the Cole of California brand and she just fits like a dream.

I've spent a bit of time bringing her back to her former glory. She needed a good wash and soak to get rid of a few stains on the skirt, but it came out really well. 
She also had one of those uncomfortable built-in bras that after a few decades, really lose its shape! 
I cut that out this morning and overlocked the edge of the lining, and now it's all good.

I'm off to the Auckland Anniversary Races tomorrow (happy birthday Auckland - 175 years old!) for a friend's hens party and I think Audrey will be the perfect outfit with some vintage flowers in my hair!


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