I'm breaking up with this jumper

It hasn't been an easy decision. I've already eaten my way through half a family block of Whittaker's dark Ghana. The jumper is sitting on the table in the corner. We're currently not speaking. 
It just doesn't fit with me. I checked my measurements all the way. But something wasn't right. The lace panel didn't look like the one in the magazine photos. There were big loopy bits instead of flowers. I blocked it to size but I felt uneasy. And I'm glad I'm ending it now, before I start on the sleeves. 

I'm a bit disappointed because a lot of time was invested in this jumper. I tried it on and it creeps up something terrible at the back - not the nice cropped style I had in mind at all. 

You can see what I mean about the lace - no amount of pulling threads through would fix it.
This was one of my Focus on Finishing projects, but as a bit of a product knitter, carrying on with something that will not be used will be a waste of time. 

I'm going to put it away for a while and then decide what to do with it. I'll probably frog it and see what else can be done with the yarn. I've definitely had enough of lace-weight for now though!


  1. I'd rip and put it away for a bit. If you store it in skeins it'll be so much more attractive to come back to and won't remind you that you've knitted it once already :) Maybe even a quick soak and dry in the skein to try to get out some of the "I've been knitted already kinks"?


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