Flat white - beginner fingerless mitt pattern

I've been craving to start something new this week. Since I gave up on the jumper, I've had wool on the winder ready to start making a new jumper. I've even got the pattern all ready.
I've gone though the stash and considered all the new socks I could start. And the shawls. I need a new scarf, even though it's the middle of summer. 

I've been working on the dress, it's been on the needles for so long that I just want something new.
I just need to finish something. The lace jumper has been given-up on, so I'm feeling like a bit of a quitter. That's where these fingerless mitts come in. The first one I knitted in June for my knitting class at Sew Love Tea Do. The second one has never been finished. 

These mitts are what my knitting students make for their first projects. It's a 6x6 inch garter stitch square, and you sew up the cast-on and bind-off edges leaving a 1 inch hole for the thumb. It's an achievable first project without the daunting amount of inches that a scarf requires but still very practical. And I do think Garter Stitch is the most under-rated of all the stitches. I just love the texture.

The first mitt was knitted as the finished product to show the class. The second one was knitted and un-knitted many times as the classes went on, to show people how to cast-on and make garter stitch.

I found the half-knitted second mitt in my project bag yesterday, and it just needed to be finished. This little project, with its fat wool and big needles, was my perfect solution. I completed a knitting project today! I'm calling them my Flat White Mitts - knitted flat, they're white… and I was drinking coffee at the time - here's how I did it.

Flat White Mitts

You need aran weight yarn (I used some leftover Cascade Eco Wool)
Large needles (I used size 7mm)

Gauge doesn't really matter, adjust your needle size to make a 6 inch square.


CO = cast-on
K = knit
BO = bind off


CO 25 stitches, or enough to make your glove 6 inches wide depending on the yarn/needle size used.

K each row until piece measures 6 inches from cast-on edge.

BO all stitches, leaving a long tail of yarn at the end.

Using the tail of yarn, sew the CO and BO edges together. Sew 4 inches, leave the following 1 inch unsewn for the thumbhole and then sew the last inch.

Make 2!


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