Wishing you a magical Christmas

The shortbread is baked, the orange and almond cake is in the tin and all ready to go, and now I'm working on the second green sock in anticipation of Christmas Eve carol singing; a long standing tradition with one of my oldest friends.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, thank you so much for your visits, your comments and your kind words. I've got to meet a few more of you in person this year which has been amazing, and I hope to meet even more next year! 

This Christmas is already made - I've had several totally unexpected little gifts which are so thoughtful and given to me by wonderful people!

My lovely dressmaker at Mintage sent me a matching headband for my Lemonade Dress! How lovely is that? 

Then there is the extremely cool craft notebook from a very considerate friend - I have lots of plans to fill this with in the new year! Thank you - you know who you are!

And what I can only describe as the most awesome op-shop find from a sewing pal - a clutch bag made out of the same floral fabric as my Mushama and Me raincoat! I'm using it to store all of my bicycle bits and pieces in my bike basket (the bike is at the bike doctors - she'll be back in action in the new year!).

And a little gift to myself - Riche Worsted yarn in the Science Bitch colourway from Red Riding Hood Yarns! I have great plans for this. That perfect cable sweater I've been going on about for years will be knit in this!

I hope you all get lots of time with loved ones over the holiday, some time to relax, time to have fun, eat  delicious food and be merry. And do a bit of crafting if you feel like it!
Merry Christmas!


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