We're going on an adventure!

In a couple of hours we're off to Melbourne for 10 days! 
I'm looking forward to catching up with family and friends, a bit of vintage and yarn shopping and lots of good coffee.
More excitingly though is that this is the first time me and the husband have been overseas together. 
I've travelled a lot separately, but we've never been further than the South Island together in our seven years as a couple. Total madness I know! 
I'm all ready to go. Camera batteries are charged, travel journal is ready for filling and I have my favourite travel book for the plane.

It might be a bit quiet around here for a while but there should be lots happening over at Instagram - you can follow my adventure there!

Looking forward to seeing you in the new year - and a big thanks to Stitchbird and Fern for the awesome passport wallet - an impulse purchase the week before Christmas and it was hand made and delivered in two days. Such great service and it will get plenty of use this week!


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