Need an emergency Christmas knit?

Each year I try my best to make Christmas gifts. Usually I knit a couple of things - last year a few people got hats - and I always bake cookies or chocolate brownies for my friends. We try not to get too consumerist about Christmas, instead focussing on spending time together and eating a giant meal rather than being broke for three weeks to get everyone a stack of gifts. So in the spirit of keeping Christmas a bit low-key and handmade, I've come up with a very quick knitting pattern for mini Christmas Tree ornaments. They can make great gift tags, or hang them on a proper tree! They only take a couple of hours to make, so there is still time to get a few done before Thursday!

Mini Christmas Tree

You need:

DK/8ply yarn in green and a tiny amount of brown
Needles the size that is recommended for your yarn (I used 4mm)
Beads and sewing thread for decoration
Ribbon for a hanging loop


CO = cast-on
K = knit
P = Purl
K2tog = knit two together
SSK = slip slip knit


With green yarn yarn CO 20 stitches.

K two rows

Decrease section:

Row 1 = K2, SSK, K to last four sts, K2tog, K2
Row 2 = K2, p to last two sts, K2

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until eight sts remain, ending with a row 2.

Next rows:

K2, SSK, K2tog, K2 (six sts)
K2, SSK, K2 (five sts)
K2, P1, K2 (five sts)
SSK, K1, K2tog (three sts)
K1, P1, K1 (three sts)
SSk, transfer st on right needle back onto left needle, K2tog.

Cut yarn, thread through last st and pull tight.

Tree stump section:

With brown yarn, pick up five sts at the base of the tree, in the middle.
K five rows
Bind off.


Weave in all ends and steam block so the fabric is flat. Sew on beads to decorate and thread a ribbon or string through the top of the tree to hang it up with.


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