My Moneta - all finished

 After Gertrude the bike broke on Friday, I was a bit sad. I decided I needed to cheer myself up and finish sewing my Moneta dress in time for Christmas celebrations. There wasn't much left to do - hemming the bottom of the skirt, the neckline and the sleeves - and I got to learn a new skill!

The hems were all finished using a twin needles on the sewing machine. I had to use two top threads and go very slowly because they kept tangling, but in the end I'm very happy with the result.

The fabric was my favourite find at this year's Fabric-a-brac and I love the simple pattern. I'm sure Moneta will become one of my frequently-used patterns.

Big thanks to the lovely Sew Love Tea Do team for teaching me new skills and Dresses and Me for the pattern! I thought sewing knits would be really hard, but I think they are becoming my favourite type of fabric to sew with! 


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