Mini Santa hats - free pattern!

Christmas with my family and friends isn't really about spending a stack of money on a heap of presents we don't really need. Usually gifts come in the way of Christmas-themed baking and a giant meal, and maybe a Secret Santa. At my knitting class we've been making these mini Santa hats to give as Christmas decorations - you can thread them onto string for a garland, pop them on the tree or give your action figures a Christmas makeover! These don't take long to make at all - if you have an hour or so in front of the TV, you will be well on your way to making a stack of these!

You need:

DK/8ply yarn in red and white
4mm needles
A little craft pompom - available at most dollar stores or craft shops
Sewing thread


CO = cast-on
K = knit
P = Purl
K2tog = knit two together


Note - gauge doesn't really matter with this pattern - I used the needle size recommended on the yarn band of my DK yarn.

Hat brim:

With white yarn CO 32 stitches.

K six rows


Row 1 = K all sts
Row 2 = P all sts

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for 8 rows.

Crown shaping:

Row 1 = (K2tog, K6) repeat to end
Row 2 = Purl all sts
Row 3 = (K2tog, K5) repeat to end
Row 4 = P
Row 5 = (K2tog, K4) repeat to end
Row 6 = P
Row 7 = (K2tog, K3) repeat to end
Row 8 = P
Row 9 =K2tog, repeat to end
Row 10 = P – eight stitches left on the needle


Break yarn leaving a long tail – you will use this to sew the seam.

Thread the yarn through the eight stitches on the needle and pull tight.

Seam the hat using mattress stitch.

Sew a pompom on top and thread onto a ribbon or string to hang on the tree.


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