How I survive the Christmas rush

It's a week and a half before Christmas. The holidays are in sight but it's going to be a mad rush before 24 December. There's work celebrations, friends' dinners, a giant amount of Christmas baking to       co-ordinate, and I kind of just want to nap. 

It's the busy times like these that I seem to do two things. 
1 - instead of going out on a Saturday night (it's pouring with rain, who can blame me?) I stay inside and watch movies. Currently we're on a festive rotation of Christmas themed ones and so far all of them star Alan Rickman. I'm good with it. Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie! It's a good time to get a bit of couch knitting done.

2 - I get lost in books or magazines. The latest copy of Extra Curricular arrived a couple of weekends ago and I've been trying my best to savour it slowly, because it's always such a treat. For this issue I got to write about something very close to my heart - how knitting equals calm. The mindful properties of stitch repetition are well-documented. A sock project is like a mini yoga lesson in my handbag. Instead of forever rushing and thinking about what to do next, it makes me present, sit still and focus on the moment.

I make the most of it during these busy times of the year, when people are rushing around in shops trying to get prepared for the holiday. Sometimes you just need a couple of minutes' break, and for me, that comes in the form of sticks and string.


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