Bike disaster

Gertrude is a very unhappy bike today. She needs some serious fixing.
Over the last three months, everything was going so well! For someone who had not serious ridden a bike since she was a kid, I totally proved the doubters wrong (mainly my baby brother, who figured I'd have one go, fall off, and give up) and have learnt to ride again. I did some safe cycle courses, practised on the local school courts and have graduated to riding on not-too-busy roads around my neighbourhood. Husband even got a bike, called Roger, for his birthday, so we have a hobby to share!
I love riding my bike. I find as many excuses as possible to ride it. 

Yesterday was going to be a big day. While we've ridden a lot locally, we've never ventured a couple of suburbs over to the city. From our place to the waterfront in town, it's practically all cycleways, so nice and easy. The plan was to cycle to Silo Park and watch Home Alone 2 at the outdoor cinema - so festive! We were almost half way when it happened. I was changing down a gear to go up a hill and all I heard was the crunch of metal. The little cog and arm (I have no idea what these are actually called) that sit under the set of gears somehow twisted behind and up into the gears, between the spokes.  
The metal is bent out of shape and the teeth on the gears are chipped. There are some cracks in the 
Luckily I was going up-hill rather than down-hill, that might have been messy. The wheel is completely jammed up. We couldn't even walk it home. We carried her about 2kms. And she is heavy. 

I am seriously hoping this will all be covered under a warranty. I doubt there's any hope she will be fixed before Christmas, and then we go to Melbourne for 10 days, so it looks like any repairs will have to wait until the new year. 

I was pretty gutted that this happened on our first ride to the city. It's something we'd been building up to and I was really looking forward to it. But hopefully the damage can be fixed and we can try again soon.


  1. I don't even know how that would happen! Hope that the warranty does cover it for you and it's all ready to go when you get back.

    1. I've emailed the retailer with this photo and they've asked me to bring it in, so hopefully it will all work out!


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