The simplicity of socks

Sometimes you need an easy, brainless knit. Sometimes you want to see a bit of progress for minimal effort and recently the only things I've knitted (minus a baby hat) have been giant. 
Lace sweater, anyone? How about a dress? Both of these projects are taking a bit of concentration and a lot of time, and the end is not yet in sight with either. 

So on Friday I cast-on a nice, plain sock with Knitsch's merino sock yarn in 1/4 Acre Dream. 
I've turned the heel and hope to have a nice fresh pair of socks in time for the weekend.

There is something very meditative about knitting a pair of socks. You knit, knit, knit each stitch, around and around, and after a while, without much thinking, you end up with a garment. 
I haven't knitted any socks in a while and I've definitely missed it. My sock yarn stash is also getting low - that will have to be remedied.


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