The day Jo did screen printing

Yesterday I went on a bit of an adventure. I went to Hamilton.
I know what you're thinking. Why would I bother driving all the way down to the Tron in search of excitement? I have two reasons. Good friends and a screen printing lesson from one of said friends.

My pal Andrew is quite crafty, and not bad a drawing very cute animals. He's also a very good teacher.

He showed me how to draw, cut and print a super cute Sir Dougal-inspired illustration onto a cushion cover he'd sewn himself. I found the cutting quite hard and I was at risk of losing a finger and ruining the stencil at one point, but I've learnt a very important lesson. Sticky tape saves all. 

There is also a very fine line between applying too little and too much ink.

Isn't he cute! Today I have to give it a good press - the heat permanently sets the ink to reduce fading. He will take pride of place next to the real Dougal on the couch.
Thanks Andrew for showing me! I hope to have another go soon.


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