Saying no to skinny jeans

I've learnt a few things while getting back on a bike.
1 - You get bruises from pedals when walking with a bike.
2 - How unfit I am. Hills are the worst.
 3 - Skinny jeans are freaking uncomfortable. Actually, fitted denim in general, while on a bike, is freaking uncomfortable.

My skinny jeans have been my go-to weekend trouser for the past 10 years. I love them. They work with everything. They're warm and up until my new hobby proved otherwise, they were very practical. I've made a decision to avoid wearing them as much as possible. It's a good thing summer's coming because it's not quite cold enough to be needing them all the time. It will also help me rethink my wardrobe and what I have. I base a lot of my outfits around my jeans, banning them for a while will make me be more considerate of what I have and how I wear things.

When it comes to trousers, I have real trouble finding ones I like - especially casual ones. I'm not into the loose fitting, printed ones you see all summer long that look like glorified pajamas. My 'work' trousers are fine but I wouldn't want to slouch around in them on the weekend. 
My perfect pair of trousers would be something I can wear with a very casual jumper or dress up slightly to go out for drinks. I'm looking for an all-round workhorse that's not denim, but also not wide in the leg. And they have to be comfortable. Impossible?

Pleated Pants by Papercut Patterns

So I've decided to make this a bit of a sewing challenge. I've found a couple of patterns that could fit the bill - ones that can also be adapted for shorts too.

My favourite so far is Pleated Pants by Papercut Patterns. They look roomy enough to be comfortable without being so wide to get caught in the drive chain of the bike. These can also be made into shorts.

Then there is Clover by Colette Patterns.

Clover by Colette Patterns

I love the leg shape, although I do prefer the pleats on the previous pattern. 

For shorts, I think I've found a perfect cute cycling option.

Tania Culottes 

The Tania Culottes, found over at Dresses and Me, will be great for summer without being too revealing, although I don't have much of an issue cycling in skirts.

A pair of trousers will be one of my upcoming sewing tasks over the summer. I'm a bit daunted, but I've made pajamas before so I guess it's just a fancier version of those, right?


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