Laurel and my new sewing assistant

I've been making use of Mum's sewing machine! Last week I finished making Laurel at home, by myself (adding some bias binding and finishing the sleeves and hem). Big deal for me! And I discovered that as well as loving playing with knitting needles, Sir Dougal finds sewing machines very interesting…

He likes to be part of the action, I was just relieved he was happy to sit on my lap and not start playing with anything!

And here is my finished Laurel! I'm so happy with it, I'm pretty much living in it.
I do need to overlock the cuff and sleeves but you can't tell right now, as long as I do it before it falls apart…
Fabric - blue and white striped cotton for $3 at Auckland's Fabric-a-brac.


  1. Cute! I haven't been to Fabric-a-brac - best I click on that link ...

  2. You definitely should! It only happens in Auckland once a year - it's a big fabric de-stash that raises money for Hospice! Amazing bargains and a great cause!


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