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One of the benefits of being sick over a long holiday weekend is the amount of time you are stuck inside avoiding spreading your germs. It gives you plenty of time to hit the books and catch up on some much needed reading time. I took a wander up to our local indie book shop and bought a book I've been wanting to buy since it came out earlier this year, Craftivism: the art of craft and activism edited by Betsy Greer. 

Over the last week I've read through nearly the whole thing and it has given me the opportunity to keep re-evaluating why I do craft and make things. At first it was just because I was bored and sick of trying to entertain myself by sitting in front of a screen. Then it evolved into more of a stress relief thing, giving myself the space to just focus on doing one task at a time and not rush around trying to do a million things at once. 
Then it became a good reason to vary up my wardrobe and avoid buying the same stuff everyone else has from the chain stores, to support local and indie businesses and make me thing more about where my stuff was coming from. It became a good way to give gifts perfectly suited to friends and family, and a way to make little items for people in need. 

I guess in my own small way, I am a craftivist. If supporting local, buying and making handmade, and making things to make a positive difference on both a big and small scale is craftivism, then I'll happily consider myself one. I'm not one for marching up streets in anger, but if these little things make a small change for the better, I'll keep on crafting.


  1. Was there a bug going around over Labour Weekend or something? We were all laid up sniffing here too. Love the sound of the book - I have always been an avid crafter and am resigned to the fact that this is just life as I know it. (Yippee!)


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