Reducing the WIP list

This hat might not look finished here, but I can assure you it's blocking dry as I type this. I'm hoping it will dry before tomorrow afternoon so I can give it to my friend before this weather warms up anymore. 

I've now reduced my WIP list down to two things, the Amelie dress and the Garland sweater. Both projects are giant but I'm over halfway on the front of the dress. I will not quit on this. 

It's been a nice lazy Sunday for knitting and reading and recovering from a late night of dancing. There's also been a bit of time for bike riding - it's been a week and I've already done many laps of the local school courts. Yesterday I stepped it up a bit and rode to our local fancy supermarket to search for the amazing Lewis Road Creamery / Whittaker's chocolate milk that is selling out as soon as it hits the shelves. I didn't find the milk but I did get to the supermarket and back without crashing. Or running anyone over. Yay! Today I went to the local dairy to get ice cream. I've decided it's just practise to get better at cycling - just like with knitting I guess!


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