Gertrude - relearning to ride a bike

We've lived within walking distance from the city for almost a year now. For me, not having to commute for an hour every day in traffic has been the best lifestyle change I've ever made. It's a 10 minute bus ride to work or a 40 minute stroll if the weather's nice. I think I've only used my car to get to work four times since January. The amount of time I'm saving each day is just insane and the cost of living close to town is pretty much offset by our extremely low transport costs. 

I've been thinking more and more about trying to avoid using my car as much as possible and over the last two weeks I've been toying with the idea of getting a bike. So yesterday I did. 
Meet Gertrude. Gertie for short. She's a Reid Cycles 7 speed vintage ladies bike. Basket essential.

I haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid, apart from one gourmet food tour of Christchurch for a work junket a few years back and some basic mountain biking on a school trip when I was 17. My brother is convinced that this is a terrible idea and I'm going to injure myself and regret my purchase within a week. He is only fueling my determination even more. 

I've decided that I'm going to take this slow. I've done about 50 laps of the outdoor courts at the primary school around the corner, finding my balance again and trying to remember how to turn the thing without turning the handlebars. Once I master the courts, I'm gonna ride to the dairy to get ice cream. My goal is to be able to ride safely around the neighbourhood over summer. And avoid crashing if at all possible. I'm going to do some cycle safety courses and practise often. And try to get the cat to come on adventures in the basket.


  1. I love the vintage style bikes, they weren't readily available when I got my bike so I ended up with a 21 speed bike, but it has a basket on the front! One day if I win Lotto there will be a proper vintage style bike with a chain guard and a cane basket rather than the metal one I have. Have fun, I'm getting back into the cycling as soon as the school holidays are over.

    1. It's so much fun! Definitely hoping to be confident by the time summer arrives!


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