Avoiding current projects / the desire to cast on new stuff

I'm a bit bored of everything I'm knitting at the moment. My Amelie dress is just endless moss stitch. I'm loving the way it's looking but I'm only half way through the first piece and there is a lot of knitting to go. Then there's the lace jumper. I'm totally avoiding it because I'm terrified to count the stitches just in case I've lost a couple of the 280 along the way. 
There's the hat for a friend that I'm yet to cast on, which I really need to start, but all I want to do is knit something else. Maybe a scarf (a lot of use given it's daylight saving today) or some socks. It's been a while since I made any socks…
 So instead of being really bad and having more than two projects on the go at once, I'm making good use of my library card, getting out all the knitting books and staring at the pictures. Really loving Mel Clarke's Knitting Everyday Finery. I could pretty much knit everything in here. Must resist. For now.

So to scratch the new project itch, I've started making a top from this second hand yellow and white  fabric I got at Sew Love Tea Do. I'm hoping to finish it very soon!


  1. I'm feeling a bit of itchy needles at the moment too, trying desperately to finish a cardigan for me so I can not feel guilty about casting on all the things!


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