Another vintage fix

This beauty has been languishing in the back of my wardrobe for about six years. Six years. It's practically a crime. I got her for $5 on Trademe. I fell in love with the colour, and even the 3/4 length skirt, a length I wouldn't normally wear, seemed quite fetching. 

It's just a beautifully classic sun dress, from the old days when Made-in-New Zealand was common on a garment label. But when it arrived, the work it needed to be sun-worthy was just too much for my non-existent sewing abilities.

All of the shirring elastic had perished and needed replacing. It was a bit big through the bust and with the pattern I knew taking it in would be tricky. 
So for six years it hid in the wardrobe. It survived many clear-outs because I was always optimistic that one day I'd figure out how to fix it. And now I have!

I took out the old elastic and just used a long stitch on the sewing machine to replace it. You hand-wind the shirring in the bobbin and just sew like you usually would, making sure you stretch out the fabric as you go. Who knew it would be so simple?! 

Now I just need this weather to warm up a bit and that sun needs to come out. This one's been in hiding for far too long and needs to be seen!


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