Lola Bobble - my first (super easy) pattern

About a month ago I started teaching a beginner knitting class. I've never really taught before, unless you count a stint as a pre-school gymnastics coach to pay my way through university, so I wanted to make some relatively quick projects for my students so they could see the progress they were making with an end in sight. We started off with simple garter stitch fingerless mitts. Once those were done, the unanimous request was for a hat. 

I came up with Lola Bobble (No, I don't know why Lola, it just seemed to suit her!) and so far she's been a success, with one of my students already finishing one with no drama - I consider that a pretty good test! I was also paid a pretty high complement when I was asked if it was a Karen Walker beanie when wearing it in a fancy clothes shop!

Lola is knitted to be pretty snug, but she is easy to adapt if you want a looser fit by casting on eight more stitches. I've knitted her flat because I wanted my students to practise mattress stitching but it would be very easy to knit this in the round too. 

Lola Bobble

You need:
Colour A: 1 skein Skeinz Vintage DK in Sweet Corn
Colour B: 1 skein Skeinz Vintage DK in Pewter
4mm knitting needles.

CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
K2tog - Knit two together
St / Sts - stitch/stitches

11.5 stitches and 18 rows = two inches in stocking stitch


CO 96 stitches loosely with colour A.

Row 1 = (K2,P2) repeat to end
Rwo 2 = (K2, P2) repeat to end

These two rows set the rib stitch pattern. Continue knitting in rib until piece measures 4 inches.


Change to colour B. 
Row 1 = K all sts
Row 2 = P all sts

Repeat the above two rows (stocking stitch) until piece measures 7 inches, ending on a P row.

Crown shaping

Row 1 = (K10, K2tog) repeat to end
Row 2 = Purl all sts
Row 3 = (K9, K2tog) repeat to end
Row 4 = P

Continue in the above pattern (each K row will have one less st between deceases) until you have eight sts left on the needle, ending on a P row.


Break yarn leaving a long tail – you will use this to sew the seam.

Thread the yarn through the eight stitches on the needle and pull tight.

Seam the hat using mattress stitch.

Make a pompom for the top using the rest of colour A and sew in place.

Wear and keep warm!


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