A personal sewing challenge

A couple of years ago me and Mum got a sewing machine. Mum's been pretty good with it - she's made new cushion covers every year and made me a few skirts as I watched, trying to learn. But my own sewing skills haven't really progressed. Every time I thread up the machine, I do something wrong and Mum has to come over and do it all for me again. I'm good at cutting fabric and pinning stuff, but the sewing machine is a different beast. 

So I've decided that I need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with the sewing machine. I've already signed up for Sew Love Tea Do's Sew From Scratch class which starts this week, to try and get a better understanding of what I'm supposed to do with this sewing machine. And if that all goes well, I've decided I need to set myself a challenge to progress. 

That's where Tilly and The Buttons comes in. I discovered Tilly's blog earlier this week when I was browsing learn-to-sew blogs. I saw her book in the window of Minerva's in Wellington the other weekend. That was enough for me to decide it was a sign and go to my local bookshop yesterday and get myself a copy. 

I'm going to sew my way through the book. The patterns are for clothes I would definitely wear and from my initial read-through in bed last night, the instructions seem really clear and easy to follow. I'm not going to set myself a specific timeframe, because putting too much pressure on myself will just put me off (and I still have knitting to fit in). I'm hoping that after the three week class I'll be feeling all good to go!


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