A pair of pink mitts and an altered skirt

Today must be the first day of sunshine in well over a week. The bad kind of winter finally arrived - not the crispy cold kind, but the wet, dark kind that lasts for days and days. Probably a good thing then, that last weekend I finished my RYE mitts. A pop of colour in the grey! I went for the little brass buttons, and surprised to say, I'm really liking wearing pink. It probably won't take over my wardrobe, but the do seem to go with a lot of things in my closet…

And also just want to mention, I used an overlocker for the first time yesterday on this skirt! I brought it from a vintage shop about six years ago but never wore it because there was a weird five inch panel of fabric between the elastic waistband and the pleats. So with help from Sarah at the Sew Love Lounge, I removed the elastic, cut several inches out of the panel and overlocked a new waistband at the top of the pleats. She's gonna be a new wardrobe staple and I didn't even cut into the wrong bit with the overlocker - win!


  1. That skirt is tres chic. And I like the gloves too - a good choice of button in the end.

    1. Thank you! I've loved this skirt for years, but never wore it until I fixed it this weekend!


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