A lace jumper. Officially losing my mind.

I have no idea what came over me when I thought it was a good idea to cast on a lace-weight jumper. Maybe I'm into torturing myself? Not that there's anything wrong with lace-weight jumpers - examples I've seen look amazing - but the thought of knitting one kind of makes me have a panic attack. Which is why I'm struggling to come to terms with the fact that I went to my stash, found the skinniest, darkest coloured yarn I own and proceeded to cast on 280 stitches. I wasn't even forced into it. I used my own free will. 

This jumper is from PomPom Quarterly's Winter 2013 issue, and it's called Garland by Stefanie Pollmeier. In the pictures, this pattern is very pretty, but I tell you, the little lacy flower band looks hideous on my jumper. I don't usually have weird tension issues, but some of these yarn-overs just look giant and loopy. I thought maybe I'd made some mistakes along the way and the yarn-overs were in the wrong place, but I was too terrified to unravel it and see if I could make it look better. I had the right amounts of stitches though, so I'm going to carry on and just hope that the hours I've invested (quite a few) in knitting maybe five inches will pay off. 

Maybe blocking will help, although I have no idea if 1) I'll make it to that stage without throwing this out the window or 2) I can even figure out how to block lace anyway. 

I think I might go cast on a hat or something, something small and quick to knit - at least that'll feel a bit more productive!


  1. Blocking will make a huge difference! Good on you for having the guts to cast this on!

  2. oh no!! Blocking does always make a difference, especially with lace, but I would probably be tempted to knit up a wee swatch of the lace panel (have you got more than one ball of yarn, or an easy to find end?) and knit and wash to see how it looks. You don't want to finish the whole thing before finding out it doesn't look great. Actually you could just block what you have knit so far!


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