The trouble with buttons

I'm halfway through my pair of Rye fingerless mitts. All going well, I should have mitt number two all done this week. No issues with the pattern, nice and simple, brainless knitting but I am struggling with a key component of this project. Picking the right buttons.

These mitts have a ribbon that is sewn to the inside of the arm and it loops over the arm band to fasten on the front, creating a gathered sleeve. Buttons are needed to fasten it in place - all very straightforward except for the actual choosing of said buttons. 

I'm already being kind of brave with these mitts. I'm not a pink kind of gal, so these are screaming girly at me right now. The choice of button is therefore crucial to ensure that I'm not tipping totally over the edge into super-girly. Wooden ones I think will be too kitsch, little plastic ones potentially too young-looking and I don't know if metal ones will be quite right either. 

At least I have another mitt to finish before I have to make a decision!


  1. One benefit of buttons is that if, after a whole you decide you're not happy with your first choice, you can change it :)


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