Restrained shopping at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair

It's that time again. Every six months I'm tempted to spend all of my money at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair. Today was no different, except my bank account is still recovering from our Wellington trip and I'm trying to pull back on buying stuff I don't really need. So I tried something new - I gave myself a budget!

I knew I wanted to get a necklace of some sort and I knew it had to look a little bit edgy (maybe because I come across as a girly girl with all the vintage dresses - I have to balance it out a bit).
After one lap of the market, I had my sights set on this awesome carved agate skull necklace from Bailey's Alchemy. And it was within my budget at $45 - bargain.

Congrats to the amazing team who put on this market every six months - it's always great and I'm looking forward to the next one!


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