Pogona - averting disaster

Firstly, apologies for the photos. Winter turned wet and dark. There's not much daylight after work so I've had to resort to indoor lighting. Hopefully if this rain clears up over the weekend, I can get a photo of Pogona in action, if she dries in time. 


As I've mentioned previously, this was the first Stephen West pattern I've knitted. I used a skein of Soft Like Kittens' double helix sock in Midnight Revels. I had it all planned in my head - there was plenty of yarn in one hank for the pattern, but I didn't swatch. Three quarters of the way through I thought it might be a good idea to measure my stitches. Only an extra stitch per inch than was called for, which meant I was running out of yarn, fast.

I started casting off after 12.5 inches instead of 14. I was 20 stitches from the end when I ran out of yarn. Luckily I had some more sock yarn in a similar shade of pink to tie in and finish off. I've just blocked it and managed a grow it a few inches (yay for merino and its growing powers) and once it's dry I'll get those ends all tucked in and hopefully the yarn change on the cast-off edge won't be too noticeable. I'm really happy with the shawl itself though, it'll have a really nice drape when it's dry.

Lesson learnt - swatch.


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