A weekend in windy Wellington

Every time I go to Wellington, I almost refuse to go on the plane back home. Today was no different. Me and husband took Friday off work and flew down to Welly to spend a long weekend eating, exploring and catching up with friends.

Those who know me well know that I'm a coffee addict - the kind who makes slow-pour filter coffee at home on the weekend and is extremely picky about where I get my beans from. Which is why I should live in Wellington. The two best brews of my weekend were found at Memphis Belle's and Flight Coffee Hangar

Field trips included a visit to Weta Workshop and catching a movie at the stunning Roxy Cinema. Between all this there was food. And very cool bars. And more food. And all the vintage shops on Cuba Street. Several times. I didn't buy anything. How impressive is that?

It wouldn't be a holiday without a bit of craft and although I had no time at all for knitting, I did get out to Newtown for the Social Wool Fair with one of my Wellington pals.

I saw the lovely Olive from Spinning A Yarn and added a bit more of her 4ply to the stash. This is for the cardigan I've been planning to make all year. I'm working up to it.

And my favourite find on this trip? Minerva - the textile bookshop and gallery. There is a whole bookshop for craft and textile books. Not just one shelf. All the shelves!

I'm already planning my next trip.


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