Woolfest Auckland - kind of a big deal

A little while back I heard Auckland was getting a wool festival. And to be honest, until last week when a friend who was attending reminded me about it, it completely fell off my radar.
Auckland's knitting scene sometimes feels quite fragmented. There are lots of amazing indie-dyers and designers, but aside from Ravelry, there's not much around the city to bring everyone together in one place. We don't have many knitting shops, and as far as I know, we don't have a cinema that hosts knit-friendly evenings with the lights on like Wellington does. All of the craft markets in Auckland tend to focus on pre-made gifts, not necessarily on supplies to make your own things with. 

I was expecting Woolfest Auckland to be a bit of the same - lots of pre-knitted baby things - but I was very surprised. It surpassed all expectations, and if I'd known how awesome it was going to be, I would've saved up more pocket money! Mum came with me (we included brunch as a Mother's Day outing) and we were both very impressed.

One of the sheds at Corban Estate Arts Centre was packed with traders selling yarn, fibre, notions, spinning supplies - it was like a giant KAN market without the classes.

The spaces in the middle of the shed were set up for people to catch up and knit or spin, and so many people were taking the time to hang out, browse, buy stuff, and browse some more. 

Lots of my favourite dyers were there; Happy Go Knitty, Soft Like Kittens, Fibre2Go and Meraki Studio to name a few. I also made some great new discoveries, including Spinning A Yarn. Her merino/silk blends are beautiful.

Spinning A Yarn's table.
Soft Like Kittens' scrummy sock yarn

 I was quite restrained with my purchasing today - I had not budgeted for this so I tried to be good. I got myself some very yummy Soft Like Kittens Double Helix Sock in Midnight Revels. This will become a shawl very soon. 

And always someone who likes to test out new yarns, I got a Spinning A Yarn Triplet pack of fingering weight yarn. This will either become a scarf or a super amazing hat. Will think on this some more.

Big congratulations to the organisers of Auckland's first Woolfest! I can't wait for the next one! 


  1. yes. i went too. it was brilliant. my sentiments exactly. so exciting.


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