Slow Sundays are for reading

I had planned on catching up on some work today. But then I went out dancing last night and got home at 3am. I'm two coffees into the day, for some reason it's already 2.30pm and the sun is too warm to think about all the stuff I need to do tomorrow. I'll go in early, maybe stay late, just so I can enjoy this May sunshine - who knows how long it will last?

I've decided the day is better spent catching up on magazines than working. I'm very excited to tell you I've started contributing to Glory Days Magazine. It's a vintage lifestyle magazine that has recently started a print edition, and my first feature is all about one of my passions, Crown Lynn china. 
Check it out if you love anything to do with vintage - it's amazing.

The latest issue of Extra Curricular Magazine is also out and I was very excited to interview Kelly Gibney from the amazing food blog, Bonnie Delicious. Writing the article made me so hungry! There are some great stories in this issue - illustrators to tattooists to ukulele makers - I'm always blown away by the creativity of the people featured.

And for good Sunday-reading measure, I'm catching up on the previous issue of Selvedge Magazine. If there's one thing I love about this magazine, it's the feature articles. It's not often you find an arts and crafts magazine that has long-form writing, but this one is the one I turn to if I want a well written, in-depth read. Sunday is set. Maybe an episode of Sherlock and a bit of knitting later for good measure.


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