It's time for a wardrobe cull. And a shopping ban.

Today I was bad. Actually, it's not just today. I've been bad for the past few weeks. It all started with a friend's wedding. I needed a dress to wear. Some of you who've been reading for a while are well aware of my lack of self control for vintage or vintage style dresses. I pretty much have none. I got a dress made for the wedding from a vintage pattern with vintage fabric, thanks to the lovely Mintage. While I was getting that all measured up, there was another amazing dress on the mannequin that just needed a few adjustments, so I got that too.

The day before the wedding, I was packing my weekend bag and discovered my favourite skirt was MIA. Nowhere to be found. It's not often you find the perfect skirt that can be a bit casual or a bit dressy - this one was it. Purchased in a fancy secondhand shop, local designer but many seasons old, this skirt was the one skirt I would keep if I had to only keep one from my entire wardrobe.

Devastated, I started filling the void. A skirt and a dress from a shop near work. A skirt and a top - both bargains, if I must say so, from Trademe. Another two dresses from vintage and second hand shops.

It's getting a tad out of hand. Then I went back to my dress lady to adjust a strap on one of the dresses I'd ordered, and I ordered another one. I'm hoping to offset this somehow by making it with the tablecloth fabric from our wedding, if it's suitable.

So that brings me to Saturday afternoon. I found the skirt. She was tucked into another skirt in my skirt drawer, in the same place I thought she was. I was ecstatic. So excited that I went on Etsy and browsed for winter coats, because eventually this summer will end and I need to keep warm. And then I saw her.  A 1960s swing coat, cut above the knee, royal blue with ivory stripes from the waist down. I literally had dreams about her two nights in a row. Today I bought her. And today I vowed to do a clothes cull.

Just look at the dress collection. That's not even half of the stack in my wardrobe. And I'm happy that a good chunk of them are vintage, second hand or hand made (half of my wardrobe at any one time needs to be one of those three things - better for the planet and it makes me feel better about buying so much). But after my most recent shopping spree, a cull needs to happen. So this week, I'm going through this wardrobe with a fine-tooth comb and taking the really good stuff to one of the fancy second hand shops that buys clothes, and the other stuff will be donated. Any money I make will go a way to paying back that coat.


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