Finished objects and what to knit next

I am at a place with my knitting that I haven't been in a very long time. I have nothing on the needles. As I promised myself, I have finished all projects in the early part of my holiday break. The jumper is done, and against all odds, the second Rainbow Sock is also done. These socks, made with Happy Go Knitty's self striping rainbow yarn, have been on the needles for a very long time, something like seven or eight months! For the home stretch (aka Kitchener Stitching the toe) I took myself down to my local cafe for a coffee and a change of scenery. I love my craft room, but sometimes you just need a change in location to get stuff done. 

Now I have the strange luxury and challenge of choosing the next project. A couple of friends have requested hats for the impending winter, so I'll have a hunt through the stash to find suitable yarn for those. But I also want to make more stuff for me. I have lots of ideas, but nothing's quite jumping out at me just yet. For now though, I'll go block those socks.


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