So much variation in one dye lot!

This morning I gulped down a very big cup of very strong coffee to get the motivation to progress my Beaubourg. The neckline and sleeve shaping of the left side is now done, and after a panic that I'd run out of my current skein just before I cast of she shoulder edge (it was close people, only five inches of tail remain) I made some serious progress. 

What I never noticed until I took this photo though is how different each skein is in colour variation. I've checked the dye lots - all six are the same. I guess I should have alternated skeins at the beginning of every row, but when the pattern asks to slip stitches at the beginning of each, it would've got messy. I'm hoping though that once it's being worn, it will be less noticeable, considering the dye is so varied anyway. Happy with how she's knitting up though - might get most of it done this weekend!


  1. It looks like a similar difference to some yarn I dyed one time; though mine was a bigger difference. Both 200g skeins in the same dyebath, one quite a bit darker than the other one. I'm alternating skeins which is a slight pain, but considering it was an obvious difference in the skein, I really had no choice.

    1. It's funny, all the six skeins I have for this project look exactly the same side by side, it was only noticeable post-knitting! Ah well!


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