Derailed dye plans

For what seems like the first weekend in ages, I had some time to chill at home. After a quick brunch with a friend, I figured today was as good a day as any to start dyeing some yarn.

I've had three hanks of undyed chunky yarn sitting in the stash for over two years and I need to do something with it. I figured it would be the perfect yarn for a dye project, so earlier today I went out on a mission to get some supplies. I hit the $2 shops and the supermarket to get some preserving jars, pots, stainless steel bowls and sieves, and rushed home to combine this lot with my alum and frozen mixed berries.

In my excitement though, I totally forgot to get some cream of tartar. I was pretty sure I had some in the pantry, but it appears I may have chucked it out in the most recent house-move. I can't really be bothered walking back down to the shops, so maybe I can get on with the mordanting a bit later in the week. At least I'm almost all prepared now - I'll just work on a bit more of Beaubourg!


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