Autumn. And a sock to match.

In the middle of the day you can't really tell, but Auckland is starting to wander towards the cooler weather. Last week I started to notice the sun taking a little bit longer to rise. I needed my bathrobe to get out of bed, and a cardigan to wander down to the bus stop. By lunch time all that is forgotten, but later in the evening, when it's starting to get a little bit darker just that little bit earlier, I'm pulling on a cardigan and happy to have a bunch of knitting covering my lap. 

I've always been an autumn gal. Maybe it has something to do with me being born on the last day of the season. I like rugging up warm but still being able to enjoy the fresh air, and I adore the colours that the change brings. 

In summer, I'm not really a sock girl, but in autumn, when I'm staring at all the new boots I want to buy to keep my feet warm, I start craving warm socks. So it's a good thing that I've finally finished one (yes, just one!) of my Rainbow Socks in the yummy Happy Go Knitty self striping yarn.
I'm planning on getting sock two finished before the weather gets much colder. Although I've been saying that for nearly four months!


  1. It looks good, wonder where I put my one of that yarn? I suspect the second will be faster than the first, cooler weather tends to be a bit of a hurry up!


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