Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting - a review

I was very excited when this book turned up in my letterbox before Christmas. It was designated to be my relaxing holiday reading, until the moving-house drama happened and we suddenly found ourselves using our two week break to hunt for a new home. 

It turned out that this book turned up at the right time. It was the antidote to a stressful holiday. Each night of the holiday I'd read one of the stories in bed and it was a great read that helped me put everything into perspective.

Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting is excellently edited and pulled together by Ann Hood. 
The book is paced to not throw all the emotional stuff at you at once - essays on teaching a child to knit and struggling to figure out how to knit are placed between tales of failed marriages, moving to new towns and the intergenerational connection that knitting can bring.
Knitting is the constant thread between each story, and it shows that it can be a constant comfort (or frustration) in all circumstances. 

There are a few big-name writers in here - Barbara Kingsolver to name just one - and it's great to get an insight into these writer's lives and how knitting fits around their other craft.
Definitely worth a read! 


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