And finally, some progress on Beaubourg

I've had some knitting time this weekend. I haven't quite got as far as I intended but still, I'm pretty close to finishing the back of my Beaubourg sweater. It's easy, no think knitting which is just what I'm needing at the moment.

It seems odd to think that I'm looking at the right side of the fabric with this pattern. I'm so used to knitting stocking stitch with the little V's being intended as the right side, instead of the purl bumps. It's a great texture though and it's just right for this sweater.

All up it is knit in three pieces - back, front and cowl which is sewn on at the end.
I'm thinking I might just pick up the stitched around the neck instead though to save sewing.
The sleeves are dolman, so they are made by casting on extra stitches once the body is knitted, and it's all knit as one piece. Even less sewing = bonus.

Have you had much chance to knit over the weekend?


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