Moving, and what I am learning about myself

As I type this, I'm getting used to my new surroundings in a new craft room.
In a way, it's a bit similar to the craft space I had two houses' ago. There's a window straight ahead and to my right but there is lots more light and all day sun, To my right I can see a close-up Skytower, in front of me through the trees is Eden Park. So far, this is definitely my favourite. It's very peaceful and warm (though maybe not in the winter, I doubt the insulation in this old villa will be top notch). 
There is a lot more space than our previous place, and the cat has already settled in...

...on the knitting bag.

We just figured out that this is our fourth house in nine months. We've done a lot of packing, unpacking, sorting out, throwing away and donating. And every time, I feel worse about the amount of stuff I own. I have a lot of books. Craft books. Cook books. Other random non-fiction and literature. Books that I think make me look super smart if they're on the shelf for people to see. Then there's the clothes. Collecting vintage dresses takes up a bit of space. And then there's the china. Tea cups and saucers everywhere. Admittedly they do get used, but still, I don't host large scale tea drinking sessions that often. 

So I have decided to make a few changes.
I'm pretty good at culling my wardrobe, and when I buy clothes the majority are vintage/second-hand/ethical/handmade. This needs to continue. I'm thinking half of any new clothing purchases must fit into those categories on-going, and I need to keep culling every six months.

Books. Argh. I wish I didn't love them all so much.
It's taken me a good while to realise that there is no book that I need to buy in hardcopy. 
I have a tablet with a Kindle app. And I am a member of a library. 
So I'm going to be really tough on myself. No more book buying unless it's on the Kindle.
I don't have the space, many of them never get read again, and they are damn heavy to pack and move.
And in another six months, I must do another cull. I've given about a third of my stack away with all the moving, but there's still a lot here.

China. I've decided I have enough Crown Lynn. Big call, I know. But I have just the right amount.
So no collecting unless I find something amazing. And then I'm not allowed to dip into my savings.

Yarn. I am adding to the stash this year. But I'm trying to be reasonable.
I knit a lot for myself but I find that I knit stuff that doesn't always go with other stuff in my wardrobe, so I need to be more mindful of this and more careful with my project choices.
There is no point knitting stuff that I'm not going to wear because it doesn't go with anything.
So yes, a more considered approach of yarn and pattern selection will be taken from here on in. This is why I need to knit a cardigan this year - they go with everything!

I'm hoping this will all lead to a more peaceful mind in 2014. The year started off a bit crazy, but now I hope we will be settled for a while and I can get back to the important things, like knitting!


  1. Glad you're all moved in, I hope with my various stash issues (books, yarn, fabric and fibre) that I never have to move!

    I totally agree on the cardigan thing too; I find I tend to wear vests and cardigans rather than jerseys so need to amend my queue on Ravelry to reflect that.

    1. It's so hard to remember to think whether the stuff you're knitting is going to go with the rest of the stuff you wear! Definitely something I'm going to work on!


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