Long lovely mittens for Margot

Yesterday I took advantage of working in an office in Takapuna. A bunch of us decided that we should make the most of the beach while the weather is good, so we took half an hour away from our computer screens and went for a swim. Of course, the water was freezing for the first few minutes but so refreshing once we got used to it. Definitely going to do it again - nothing like having a little mini-break from the office to come back ready to face the rest of the afternoon.

Our good weather is also making me feel fortunate that we're not stuck in the middle of polar vortexes, giant storms and other crazy weather that a few of my friends are facing in the US and the UK. Yes, I've said before that I'm a winter gal, but I definitely draw a line at -20degC. 
So it's timely that I've finished these Long Lovely Mittens for my friend Margot in London.
I'm so happy with how they've come out and I only ended up using one skein of my Happy Go Knitty silk and alpaca 4ply. Maybe I'll use the other skein to make a matching pair!


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