Glory Days + outdoor knitting + giveaway winner

It pretty much seems like the last month has been taken up with looking for a new place to move in to and organising our impending relocation. There hasn't been that much time for fun stuff, especially that we're both back at work. I did try and make a bit of time for myself this weekend though.

I got some good knitting time in at a friend's picnic birthday. That's the first piece of my Beaubourg Sweater, which so far I'm loving, even if the Manos Del Uruguay yarn is a nightmare to work with.
Every time I go to wind a hank up into a ball from my swift and onto my wool winder, it just tangles. I've spent about three hours unknotting two hanks so far and the pattern calls for four more. If it carries on this way, that's a total of nine hours of good knitting time lost. 

But anyway, it's turning into a nice squishy jumper and quite a quick knit. I'm loving the reverse stockinette - aside from the fact that I keep forgetting which side is the right side - it's nice to be making something with a different stitch.

And to supplement my knitting, I've done a bit of reading. I checked out a local vintage market and ran into Natasha from Glory Days Magazine - check out the very first print issue!
I've been a fan of the digital magazine for ages, and it's extremely exciting that they've started printing it. I'm a lover of hard copy and it's great to see an indie magazine doing so well.

And last but not least - congratulations to my first giveaway winner!
You get the amazing Men in Knitwear calendar from Stitch Seekers - too much eye candy!
I've sent you a Ravelry message and Stitch Seekers will be in touch very soon!


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