When life gives you lemons... make a vintage dress!

Anyone who's popped by this blog on occasion has probably noticed that I have a thing with all things vintage. I'm a borderline vintage hoarder. It's a good thing our new place has good shelf space otherwise I'd be struggling to contain the tea cup collection. The vintage dress collection is another matter entirely. My wardrobe is bursting at the hinges, but I just can't help myself.

A week and a half ago I went to the Deco 2 Retro pop-up market and I met the lovely Frances from Mintage. Frances makes beautiful dresses from vintage patterns and fabrics. How often is it that you get a dress made? Unless you can sew yourself, it's probably not something that you experience on a regular basis. But it's an experience I recommend!

 I fell in love with this lemon dress. Frances had her on display when I met her at the market, made up from a vintage Vogue pattern in this stunning lemon-print cotton. One fitting later and here she is, all ready for Christmas. It's great to wear something that fits perfectly. And it's great to wear something made with love and care, in the same place that I had a fitting. 

If you're after a vintage style dress and based in Auckland, check out Mintage for something very special!


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